Jersey City’s history is intertwined with that of the USA. Our City’s development began 400 years ago when Henry Hudson sailed here. In the 1630s settlements were established by Dutch pioneers in Harsimus Cove, Paulus Hook, Communipaw, Pavonia, Van Vorst and Bergen Square. Jersey City played a tactical role in the American Revolution, the Civil War and our country’s emergence as an industrial power.

During the 1800’s Jersey City’s urban birth was industrial based and the city served as a terminus for the emerging national railroad system. Where there was once farmland, streetscapes began to develop which included ornate townhouses and brownstones. Jersey City’s economy and sense of community was the ideal location for immigrants to settle and build their new lives after they disembarked from Ellis Island which is in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. Today, Jersey City remains a true melting pot and is the most diverse city in the nation with more than 75 nationalities represented.

As a result of the economic changes in industry in the mid 1900’s, Jersey City underwent a metamorphosis. Beginning in the 1970’s, old piers, railroad yards and tracks along the waterfront, were replaced with modern office buildings and new residential units and towers. Jersey City emerged as a hip, urban community where young and old, native and immigrant, large corporations and small entrepreneurs, all thrive and prosper.

Today, Jersey City is a city on the rise – literally. Over the next several years as new projects are completed, the city will become home to 17 of the 20 tallest buildings in New Jersey. Jersey City is projected to surpass Newark in population in 2016, thereby becoming the largest city in New Jersey.

Jersey City is in the midst of a residential real estate boom. Apartments ranging from restored industrial warehouse space to luxury units in sparkling new high rises are being quickly occupied by individuals and families from Manhattan, Brooklyn and surrounding areas. They are enticed by lower rents, quick work commutes and developments with amenities that allow for a better quality of life.

Dozens of parks, a comprehensive mass transit system, galleries and cultural sites, a thriving art scene, as well as world-class restaurants, hotels and entertainment options perfectly compliment the affordable and diverse residential and commercial properties. Jersey City has the all the benefits of city living, while at the same time maintaining the best sense of community.